“I feel that we are so fortunate to have you as a client and need to utilize you for our own clients. … When I found out what happened with [our client]…I realized how important medical billing is and how it can either make or break you. From now on, any one I meet that has any medical billing needs is being referred to you. Thank YOU!"  

​ -Mary Fischer-Tracy Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

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“Family Service of Racine has been partnered with Billing Management for years. Their superior staff is of the highest quality and integrity with an attention to detail that is paralleled to none. On the leadership front, Jo Anne Watt possess an exceptional ability to effectively empower her staff to successfully negotiate even the most difficult accounts. Before Billing Management our billing was a nightmare. As we serve thousands of clients each year, our Explanation of Benefits were stacked up in boxes from floor to ceiling. Now with Billing Management our process is smooth, efficient and so easy that if you can dial a phone, you can file a claim. It is difficult to imagine our business without Billing Management. They have literally actualize tens of thousands of dollars more than we have in the past through their unrivalled billing methodologies. If I were to move to a different organization, the first partner I would bring in would be Billing Management."  

-Family Service of Racine 

BILLING MANAGEMENT is a full-service medical billing company that prides itself on giving the best customer service to its providers and their patients. We recognize that you have many options when it comes to outsourcing your billing needs, but our ability to keep up with changing health care standards and our strong background in business has proven to be a perfect combination, ensuring that your insurance billing is accurate and your practice is profitable. Our first and foremost objective is to maximize your income

We are a United States company that does not employ overseas third parties to handle any aspect of our business. Our account managers are knowledgeable in your field and will work directly with you to identify trends in your practice and develop strategies to maximize your reimbursements. Our staff is always available for you, for your staff, and for your patients. 

We are here to handle the day-to-day billing needs of our client, including charge data entry, payment posting, electronic and paper claim filing, insurance follow-up, secondary and tertiary claim filing, insurance appeals, patient statements, patient billing questions, and collections submissions. 

Claims are sent out electronically, or on paper when necessary, and are sent out on a daily basis; this regular claim submission promotes regular payments for good cash flow

Providers receive simple, easy to read, customizable monthly reports showing exactly what was billed and what was received.   Reporting on any aspect of your account is available with a simple request, and year-end reports provide you with insight and trends. 

We would love the opportunity to answer any questions you might have and discuss how Billing Management could best serve you. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

“We used in-house billing for 30 years. We were hesitant to outsource our billing to Jo Anne Watt & her staff at Billing Management, but they have done an outstanding job! They have mastered dealing with the multiple Podiatry Networks & other insurance companies here in South Florida. Working our accounts receivable, they have been able to increase our cash flow well above the cost of their service & increase our bottom line."  

-Dr. Sam Horowitz & Dr. Ed Geller Owners, Podiatry Foot and Ankle Surgical Group